Optic+ Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for Honor 90 Smart

For: Honor 90 Smart
Finish: Blue Light Blocking
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Advanced Blue Light Filtering

Our screen protector employs cutting-edge technology to significantly reduce the amount of blue light emitted by digital devices, promoting healthier vision.

Added UV-Ray Protection

Beyond blue light, our protector adds an extra layer of defence by blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays.
Protecting your device from damage caused by UV Radiation from the sun.

Crystal Clear Display

Experience the brilliance of your screen without compromising clarity or colour accuracy. Our protector maintains the vibrant display quality you love while providing essential eye protection*.

Durable and Scratch-Resistant

Engineered with durability in mind, our protector offers scratch resistance, ensuring your Honor 90 Smart remains in pristine condition.

Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors

The screen protector includes an optical adjustment layer, this layer filters out light that falls into certain wavelengths. Blue Light, the type emitted by displays falls between 300-400nm in the visible light spectrum, the optical adjustment layer blocks an average of 90% of light that falls between this range.

In addition, the optical adjustment layer blocks Ultraviolet (UV) light, the type that causes sun damage and fading to items left outside. UV light falls between 200-380nm on the visible light spectrum, the optical adjustment layer blocks an average of 99.8% of light that falls between this range.

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Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors Layer composition

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Testing was conducted on pre-production units, with release liners removed using Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy equipment using the ASTM D1003 Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastics. For more information and full data sheets, please contact us.

These protectors are not a substitute for professional eye care, and any concerns about eye health should be addressed with a qualified eye care professional. Individual experiences may vary.

* When using your screen protector under certain conditions, such as harsh sunlight, you may notice the screen protector takes on a slight yellow tint. This is the optical adjustment layer working and absorbing the abundance of blue and ultraviolet light in the environment. This effect will vary based on environmental factors and dissipate under normal lighting conditions.