2X Nano Glass Screen Protector for Garmin Venu (43 mm)

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For: Garmin Venu (43mm)
Finish: Nano Glass
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Nano Glass Screen Protectors

Our Nano-Glass Screen Protectors are made up of a number of layers, providing a high level of protection, whilst maintaining clarity and fingerprint-resistance with its oleophobic coating.

The multi-layered Nano-Glass also allows it to be more flexible than traditional slate-style tempered glass screen protectors, which in turn, improves impact resistance and removes the risk of shatters and sharp glass shards.

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Nano Glass Screen Protectors Layers

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Save 20%
2X Nano Glass Screen Protector for Garmin Venu (43 mm)
2X Nano Glass Screen Protector for Garmin Venu (43 mm)
Sale price$23.92 Regular price$29.90

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